"Dedicated to the Perpetuation of an American Art Form"





Founded in December 1999

"The Halfgrass Band"


Don Roberts - Lead vocals and guitar

Frank Holloman
- Tenor vocals, five-string banjo, harmonica and fiddle

Buss McCormick - Harmony vocals and mandolin

Walter Chandler - Double bass. 

One of Memphis’ oldest names in acoustic music continues to entertain audiences with their unique style characterized by “wooden? music and traditional harmony arrangements of contemporary material.  Forsaking modern electronics, they prefer the more traditional “radio? effect produced by gathering around a single microphone.  The quartet consists of Don Roberts, lead vocals and guitar; Frank Holloman, tenor vocals, five-string banjo, harmonica and fiddle; Buss McCormick, harmony vocals and mandolin; and Walter Chandler, double bass.  Don’t miss this rare opportunity to sample their music and find out why it’s called Halfgrass.