"Dedicated to the Perpetuation of an American Art Form"





Founded in December 1999

"Single Tree"


Jack McDivitt - Dobro

Karen Hudson - Vocals, Mandolin

Ken Fortney - Vocals, Guitar

Steve Craig - Vocals, Bass

Ed Richter - Banjo

SingleTree is a group of 5 friends who originally got together to play for a charity event.  They had so much fun preparing and playing for that day, these five musicians decided to stick together and SingleTree was born.  The Band plays a lot of the old standards as well as songs from the current day bands.  They like to play fast and get the crowd involved. 

 The band consists of the following fine folks: Jack McDivitt:  Jack was born and raised in Tipton County and continues to live there today.  He began to play music only a few years ago when he took up the guitar.  He has since added the mandolin and resophonic guitar to his resume, the latter of which you’ll see him playing with SingleTree.  He is also the band’s resident, “Harley Dude?. Steve Craig:  Steve is a native Memphian who became interested in bluegrass years ago.  You’ll likely see Steve at most bluegrass jams in the Memphis area, as well as playing with different groups.  He just can’t say “no? when someone asks him to grab his beautiful blond bass and jam.  Steve’s favorite quote is, “Let’s Pick?.  Ed Richer: Ed is the newest addition to SingleTree. He is well know and respected in the bluegrass community. Ed plays banjo in the band but is also an accomplished musician on guitar and bass.  Karen Hudson:  Karen is a native Arkansan who has made Memphis her home for some time.  She started playing guitar when she was 7 years old and never grew tired of music.  While she has “dabbled? with various instruments, she recently started playing the mandolin.  This she describes as a long and torturous journey.  Who would have thought that such a small instrument could cause so much pain? Ken Fortney:  Ken is also a native Memphian who has been a guitar player for a good part of his life.  He has played various types of music in many different venues. Singing harmony just “comes natural? to Ken making him a hit at most bluegrass jams.  You know Ken’s around as he delivers his ever popular critique of a performance, “Awesome!?. 

If you’re looking for a band that plays songs that crowd all knows and loves, and a band that has a lot of fun together, give us a call and we’ll be glad to play for you.

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For bookings call 901.674.4195 or 901.353.6810
Or e-mail us at Single Tree