"Dedicated to the Perpetuation of an American Art Form"





Founded in December 1999

"Thunder Creek"


Dale Hinson-Lead vocals, guitar

Charles Moody-Banjo, Mandolin,  Guitar  
Bret Sparks-Bass, Vocals

In  the Mississippi Delta of Northeast Arkansas, there is a place the Native Americans called "Thunderland". The waters that flow through this rich land gracefully make their way to and from the mighty Mississippi River. Now, there is a new wind blowing through the trees which pierce the dense fog, and a new spirit that pushes the waters of Mother Nature’s zealous endeavor. These are the sound’s that take you over and into something that is real, these are the sounds of "THUNDER CREEK".

Thunder Creek is a down to Earth music group that draws its musical soul from the local culture and heritage from which it came. This power trio produces deep rich harmonies and driving rhythms. They consist of the lead vocals of Dale Hinson as he plays guitar rhythms that create a "wall of sound". The aggressive banjo playing of Charles Moody cuts through the rhythm like the crack of lightning. While he may also play the mandolin and guitar, his wide vocal range is just the tip of the iceberg. Bret Sparks carries the band through the changes with his thunderous bass guitar and versatile baritone voice. His steady beat and dynamic groove is a significant part of the Thunder Creek sound. When you experience Thunder Creek, you may hear bluegrass, bluegrass gospel and country with a bit of R&B, Jazz and even a classical touch. With the crazy antics of the band and their musical talents unleashed, they will give you a show you don’t want to miss. For more info visit our website at Thunder Creek
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