"Dedicated to the Perpetuation of an American Art Form"





Founded in December 1999

Memphis Area Bluegrass Association (MABA)

 Education Program


To foster and build a greater appreciation for bluegrass music in the Memphis area.

To educate our members and potential members/community on bluegrass history, instrumental and vocal style, and skill levels from beginner to expert.

To partner with other bluegrass communities and artists to share knowledge and experience to continue the bluegrass music legacy

To reach out to younger generations to build an awareness and appreciation of bluegrass music history, theory and practice


Positive Working Relationships



Honoring Tradition

Diversity & Inclusiveness

Forward Thinking 


Priorities & Goals

Marketing Memphis and surrounding area initiatives to create greater awareness and connections between bluegrass and consumers

Create and host successful local events which foster our music's opportunities for success

Strengthen the organization's ability to achieve its mission

Promote professionalism within the industry

Involve young people in bluegrass through positive and educational experience

Education Current Events