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Founded in December 1999

Gary Awards

In the early years MABA would recognize individuals for truly outstanding contributions.  
The award is called the "Gary Award" after Gary Williams one of our founding officers, below is that history for years past.  

2007 Awards

Gary Awards
Bob Waters

Presidents Awards

John Gay
Sam Ketchum
Larry Bomar
Maureen Fitzer
Karen Hudson
 Jeannie Gentry
 Dianna Ford
John Branan
 Jennifer Eggers
Harry McLellan
Tom Hood

Service Awards

Duke Walker
Gordon Jones
James Johnson
Steve Craig
Beth Mays
 Loyce Smith

2006 Awards

Gary Awards
Larry Bomar
Mark Winborn

Service Awards
Keith Carter
Jeannie Gentry
Tom Hood
James Hudson
Jo Edith Hudson
Karen Hudson
Loyce Smith
Tom Whittington

Presidential Awards
Delta Blue
Gary Johnson
Lea Talley
Erna Wheeley

Special Achievement
Will Mays
Candice Windham

2005 Awards

Cliff Albright Craig Yarbrough John Gay Sam Ketchum

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2004 Awards

James Johnson Wayne Morris Ed Fleener