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Founded in December 1999

Yahoo Group

"MABA's EMail Group"

The Yahoo Email Group is a form of email communication that allows members to post and receive messages within the group. Our members have fun picking at each other, hearing the latest news and it provides a quick way to communicate with all our members who join in. The conversation should pertain to MABA and or Bluegrass in general. Non members may join on a "receive only" status. Any member who abuses or posts inappropriate messages will be placed on a "receive only" status. 

Please follow the steps below in order to obtain access to the group:

If you already have a Yahoo Email account, go on to 'Step 2'.


Go to www.yahoo.com and create a Yahoo Email account. Don't forget to write your login name and password down.


Click on the Yahoo! Groups Join Now icon below www.yahoogroups.com,

and then look for the light blue icon "Join This Group". You will be prompted to login with your individual Yahoo Email account before it allows you to make a request to join the group. Upon completing the requested information to join, there will be a few days needed for our Group Moderator to verify your membership and add you to the group.

Note: The "Yahoo Email" and the "Yahoo Group" use the same account login name and password; however, they should be treated as 2 different websites.


After receiving an email from the Group Moderator that you have been admitted to the group, go to www.yahoogroups.com and login with your individual Yahoo login name and password.  Then as a MABA member you will be capable of posting and receiving message and changing your personalized settings.