Do Not Work for Money Business Mindset


A true businessman will not work for money, but rather he will develop skills and invest in assets to generate money for him or her

What? Don’t work for money? Are you crazy? I thought the reason to get in business with yourself is to make money?

Let me explain:

A true businessman does not work for money like an employee does. An employee mindset is really predictable. He works hard for his wages. He jumps to another ‘better’ paying job if the hours he is trading, fetches a better price.

In other words, there are people who will wash toilets or clean floors if the price is right (not that there is anything wrong with washing toilets or cleaning). A true businessman is willing to work and develop skills for business EVEN IF HE GETS PAID NOTHING IN THE PROCESS OF GAINING THE SKILL.

Remember: The greatest investment in the world is investing in yourself. Don’t sell yourself out because of money.

You will not succeed with the wrong kind of mindset if your actions only revolve around working aimlessly without developing any business skills.

Skills in business are priceless. You know that these business skills will help you earn more in the future and even help you to design your business with proper planning so that one day you will no longer need to trade time for money anymore (this means having your business run on autopilot).

This is called walk-away income. This is only possible when you no longer trade time for money and you can stop working but the money will still come in whether you like it or not.


If you are still an employee, work smart and learn everything you can. You can even look at it as GETTING PAID to develop a skill.


Come what may, rain or shine, even when the world comes crashing down, today is just another day at the office

One of the most important aspects when being in business for yourself is when you are in the ‘working’ mode and things don’t go your way.

Mike Dillard, one of network marketing’s top trainers in the industry teaches this:

You are in business and you lost the biggest client in your life to a competitor. You feel like heading downtown for a beer to drown your sorrows. But then, you tell yourself: losing this big client is nothing, because, “TODAY IS JUST ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE”.

How about this…

You just closed the biggest deal in your life. You feel like throwing the biggest party in town to celebrate your great achievement. Life is FANTASTIC! But wait, getting this big customer is no big deal either, because, “TODAY IS JUST ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE”.

The business world is full of ups and downs. Nothing is stable and nothing is certain.

Business as usual is the most important skill you can learn in life. You must not let other things in your life distract you from carrying out the day to day operations in your business venture.

Had an argument with your wife? Move on, because it is just another day at the office. Your son ran away from home? Get to work because it is just another day at the office. Suppliers jacked up the prices? Tough, just another day at the office. Your mom past away recently? Take some time off but don’t brood too long. Get back to work soon.

This may sound harsh, but in life, customers and clients don’t care if you broke up with your boyfriend or you can’t concentrate at all. They will at most, sympathize with you but in the end of the day you have to get the job done.

That is life.

Life is results oriented. You can’t let distractions cripple your business or else you will never get started or you might lose it all if you had started already.


Mixing emotions with business decisions is a recipe for disaster.