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This review is from: LG Revolution 4G Android Phone (Verizon Wireless) (Wireless Phone)

I have had the LG revolution for 2.5 weeks, and overall the phone is pretty good.

Speed – It is not laggy (the reason why I didn’t want to by the charge was that it was very laggy in store vs the Revo). I get quadrant scores of 1900-2080 without any modifications. I’ve played a variety of 3D games, and had absolutely no issues. Internet browsing is phenomenal with 4G. Best download speed was 10mb/s (average 4-6), worst was 2mb/s. Best upload was 6mb/s (average 2mb/s, but upload is a lot more inconsistent than download speeds), worst upload was 125kb/s.

Battery Life – For regular usage I usually get about 12-14 hours of usage before it is dead (this is why I chose it over the TB, I know people who have it, and with similar usage they were seeing about 3-4 hours less of use). I do some texting, check work email throughout day during meetings, and usually play a game for about an hour (like ab, or other random ones). When using the phone aggressively with browsing and streaming and games pretty much non stop it can be used up within 6-8 hours. If I do not touch the phone it drops an average of 2-3% per hour, so based on that I think you’d get about 30 hours stand-by time (my work email is still syncing with it in background, and I have advanced task killer killing apps once an hour). With that said I’ve watched the battery charge closely (wall charger) and it takes 2.5 hours with the phone on for a full charge from zero, so every minute of charging gets you 5 minutes of use. But when I turn the phone off, the phone charges fully in 1 hour, so every minute of charging gets you 14 minutes of use. Also turning it to 3G showed some improvement, I got about 2 more hours of average use out of it, but when I browsed the internet it was just so slow compared to 4G, so I no longer turn off 4G. I did use speaker phone one day for an hour straight, and it drained the battery by about 10% (not bad at all).

Call Quality – Calls are fine, volume is good, and speaker phone volume is good. I have had 1 instance where someone didn’t hear me completely, not sure if it was this phone or there’s.

Notification light – This feature should be standard on all phones, so thankfully the Revo has it.

HDMI Output – This worked great, I tried it with Netflix, angry birds. It doesn’t just show multimedia; it shows the phones screen as well. Honestly this is probably the one time I will every use the HDMI output, but still not to shabby.

Netflix Quality – This is a nice feature, now available on almost any phone that is worth buying. But with my use on 4g it streams well, there are points where it seems to be running maybe at a bit of a lower frame rate that is noticeable, but nothing that really affects my viewing experience. Also I do have to turn off auto for the display brightness and have to put it on max brightness, once again not a big deal for the 5-6 times a month I watch something on Netflix on here.

Screen – It is bright, not too bad. If you are always outside, it is readable, but this is where the Droid Charge screen dominated. It is very glossy, so I bought a screen protector with anti glare. 4.3″ screen is nice, a bit awkward for one hand texting.

Build Design/Quality – Phone feels very sturdy. The rubberized material on the back feels nice, but one note is a very small part of the rubberized material on my phone started rubbing off already. Not sure why, it has never encountered a solid surface rubbing against it, this is the one thing that actually disappointed me. Otherwise one small thing is the charging ports have covers. I had an LG as my last phone, and it had the same design for the charging port, and made it 2 years no problem without any signs that it would fall off.

UI – The LG UI some people have said they dislike on reviews some don’t mind it, I think ultimately it is basic. The Apps area I have seen people state it doesn’t show things alphabetically, but you can change that by choosing list on the settings in there. Screen transitions are fast. The most annoying thing this phone has is the messaging program that comes with it. When you get a text it opens the keyboard right away, and almost hides the entire text that just came. The intent was to be able to text back without having to hit a button for the keyboard. The LG keyboard isn’t too bad, I can type fast with it, but as for the word recognition, I’ve seen better. The screen lock feature wasn’t an issue until I read a forum where someone mentioned they get success about 50% of the time. I didn’t even notice but that is absolutely true, if you wait one second before trying it works fine (so it is related to some sort of load time to turning screen on and being ready to be unlocked, widget locker shall remedy this). Gingerbread will come out eventually, supposedly. To be honest the phone works well, and…