To choose the right university young Italians rely on the advice of Mom and Dad

Choosing the right university is one of the most important steps that we do in life, which is why young Italians decided to follow the advice of people they trust more: parents, friends and boyfriends / e. According to research conducted by ‘ Association of Women and Quality of Life, of all people, those with the most influence are their mothers and fathers, to which a student signs relies on two.

The research on the criteria that guide young people in the choice of university faculty has analyzed a sample of 1,500 high school students both sexes. From the data collected showed that guide the students are mostly the personal attitudes (in 31 percent of cases), but they also have a decisive influence the results obtained in different subjects during their school career (19 per cent) and the example of other family members, such as uncles or brothers (17 percent). Including the logistical reasons and the appeal of the lifestyle that characterizes the campus choice (15 percent), as well as the value of the teaching staff of the university of destination (8 percent). And there are even those who choose their own path to university relies on the case : they have responded so 5 percent of the respondents.

As for the most influential figures in directing students towards this or that faculty, research shows that 47 percent of young people relies on the advice of their parents . This is not only because they are believed to give a decisive help in choosing the most appropriate course of study and who offers the best prospects, but also because of the economic aspects, and certainly not negligible in a time of crisis. After those mom and dad, are the most listened to the advice of friends (23 percent) and boyfriends or girlfriends (21 percent). Little trust is placed, however, in the opinion of their teachers of high school, whose suggestions are followed by only 5 per cent of respondents.

The research also analyzed the factors external to the family and to the network of knowledge that can influence the choice of the faculty to which enroll and found that as many as 21 percent of young people as the main reference Internet and, in particular, the social network . For the 19 percent of respondents, however, count the advertising and “media reputation” of the university, while 16 percent is determined by the reputation of the rectors and only 12 percent indicates how important the structure and type of courses offered by various universities.

The university 31 percent of the students surveyed expect the prospect of economic improvement , 25 percent growth in cultural useful for working, 13 percent consider the tertiary education a way to meet new people, while 9 per percent hopes is the first step to be able to financially support their families. And for the 8 percent of the sample, the expectation is that the university is the place to meet your soulmate .

As for the future, about 32 percent of the students surveyed plan to find a job once graduated with a degree, but 21 percent is not of the same opinion and believes that will only work going abroad. For the 15 percent of the sample, however, after graduation you will need to continue their studies, obtaining further specialization, and as much as 7 percent think that to do so you will still have to go outside the Italian borders. The 5 per cent of respondents, finally, he believes that will not even be able to finish their studies.